For Love of Aiden

Last Thursday I went with Abby to Aiden's 2 week appt. He is gaining weight, in fact, the doctor said she'd never seen a breast-fed baby gain that much. Hoo hoo, Abby! Mama's milk is rich!

Then the doctor told us she thought he had a hernia in the private area. She said she'd set up an ultra-sound and if he starts crying uncontrollably for 3 - 5 hours to take him to the ER. I asked why it needed fixed if it wasn't hurting him. It could strangulate which could be deadly.

Yesterday was a really hard day for him. He would cry terribly unless you held him. I had brought over the ingredients for scalloped spuds and ham, so after supper when Aiden cried so hard we all became concerned. Steve and I suggested the ER. I called my other kids for prayer and also, my sisters, and my best friend, Linda. It was a very scary time.

Finally Abby called and said he was okay. The crying could be caused by a gassy tummy. I suggested this morning Abby check the nursing book to see what kinds of foods to avoid for that reason. Thank God Aiden is alright.

Abby is losing weight and of course her maternity clothes are toooo big, her pre-pregnancy clothes are not fitting yet. Oh, I remember that time well. Unfortunately, I kept 10 lbs with each child, bummer! I think what I needed was to find the safest diet pills that work.

I'd still like to take them, though I am losing weight (down 13 lbs as of today), I wish I could get some help instead of doing it the hard way. Unfortunately, being on meds for high BP and a fast heart rate does not allow me to take any helpers.

Keep Aiden in your thoughts and prayers, please. He goes to the surgeon a week from Thursday to see if he needs surgery.