I've Been Rejuvenated

This year for my birthday my kids went together and gave me a gift certificate to the Spa at West Glen. My massage therapist's name is Amy and she has magic in her hands. She's a young girl and pretty and sweet as can be.

After going twice (mostly on my certificate), I decided I need to budget going there once a month (a week would be better). Yesterday was my day. I was excited to tell her that after massaging my shoulder area last time, the rotater cuff pain was gone. How exciting is that?

I felt limp as a wet noodle after the massage, found it hard to make myself get off the table. She worked on my low back, mid back, neck and shoulder areas. I'm a little sore today, but hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be free again in movement.

They have other things they do there such as hands and nails, feet, facials, etc., but I'll bet none are as good as premier dead sea. Since two of their ingredients are Dead Sea minerals and seaweed, makes me want to try it.

Anyhoo, I made my appointment for next month and went to Penneys, bought a pair of jeans with my $10 off coupon. Then killed time until church. Another great evening. Hope you have a great weekend.