Dentist Time

Monday I had to go to the dentist to have 2 fillings put in.  I decided to tell him not to do amalgams as I have read a lot about mercury poisoning.

He didn't feel amalgams were a problem but after insisting, I was able to get porcelain fillings.  Yes, they won't last as long as silver fillings, but not problems with mercury that way.

My dentist is very good, great I might say.  I was relaxed through the whole procedure.  He tells you what he's doing throughout the procedures.  I don't know if he does that for everyone, or not.  He knows I used to be a dental assistant and would understand what is going on.

Not that I enjoyed being a dental assistant.  I actually felt the fear a patient has when he/she is in the chair.  Not a good feeling. 

Now that my teeth are fixed, I no longer have a tooth that scratches my tongue.  Man, I actually got a blister on the side of my tongue that was sore.

Also, the dentist said, "If you get to the point that you need a crown on that back tooth, there isn't enough room to work back there and we might have to pull that tooth instead."  No way!  I'm keeping all the teeth I have, thank you very much!