Fighting Kidney Stones

Our family has had it's share of kidney stones.  Steve has two right now that he's been fighting for over 2 weeks.  He went to the walk-in clinic 2 weeks ago and they suspected stones.

The following Tuesday night (1:30 AM Wednesday morning) he got up and let me know the pain he was in.  I hadn't gone to bed yet and it took until 2:30 to talk him into going to the ER.

ER confirmed it, he had a 5 centimeter (mm?) stone.  They gave him 3 prescriptions and sent him on his way.  By then he wasn't in pain as the morphine had kicked in.

2 weeks later, still has the stone and went to see the specialist.  They will blast it tomorrow.  I hate that they're doing it that way as last time his back ached for over 6 months.

Trying to sleep with a stone is so bad, wish we had an organic mattress los angeles to sleep on.  It's bad enough to fight a stone, but to have a bad mattress on top of it bites.

Changed 2 appts I had for tomorrow so I can drive him to the surgery center to take care of 2 stones they found.  One still in the kidney and one half-way down the ureter. 

So far, Abby, Steve, and I have had stones.  Blessed be the Lord our other kids haven't.  Please send prayers up for Steve for today and tonight and guidance for the docs tomorrow.  Thanks.