Tomorrow is Sunday

I missed church last Sunday as I had trouble  again with my stomach  :(   I hate it when I miss.  Wednesday night we finished the Bible study we've been doing.  It was really good.

One thing I love about the church I go to, Fusion Church is the worship time.  The pastor's wife is a really good singer, worship leader, and is compassionate about serving the Lord.  Sometimes we have a keyboardist, we usually have a guitarist, and most often a drummer.  He is really young yet does really well.

The thing that draws me to this church is that I feel the Spirit of the Lord there.  I feel the Lord has led Steve and I to this church and also to start a Bible study at the assisted living center where his Mom lives.  Hopefully, we will start the study next week.  Time will tell how that goes.  I hope we can serve the elderly women there.

Have a blessed day!