Sad Times

In the past 2 months, Steve and I have gone to three funerals.  Not much fun.  The first one was for Steve's nephew by marriage.  Donny was only 40 years old.  How sad.

The second one was for my sister, Jackie.  She had gone in for surgery for cancer on her lung.  Went through the surgery fine.  She was in ICU (she only weighed around 76 pounds).  Her surgery was Monday.  On Thursday night her breathing started slowing down.  Then she asphyxiated and coded.  They brought her back.

My brother-in-law called my sister, Sue, in CB, stating it didn't look good.  A half hour later she called me back and said, Jackie died.  Her body was just worn out.  So we made a trip down.  Steve, Heather, Josh, Abby, and myself (driving).

The night we arrived, Josh got a call from his wife, her dad had a heart attack.  Some time passed (maybe 2 weeks) and Tom died.

It's been a sad time for our family.