My Body is Tired

After taking the trip to Alabama and back (19 hours for us each way) in a 4 day period, my legs are in bad shape.  Heather's are too.  Ankles and feet swelling.  I also have swelling on the left knee.  Don't know if you've ever experienced it or not but it is painful.

Both my knees have absolutely no cartilage behind either knee cap.  Joy of joys.  My left knee is causing serious pain.  I need to have both knees replaced but I'm sure not looking forward to it.  I had the fluid drawn out and cortisone put in.  Then I had a migraine for 5 days.  I'm leaning toward doing that again as the pain is getting bad.

I sure hope someday soon we will be able to buy a ranch house.  I can no longer handle stairs any more.  I'm not sure our stairway will be able to be adapted to have a stair chair lift, as our stairway has a few turns in it.

I wished we could come into some money soon so we could get that house we want.  The ones in the paper are way out of our range.  Even if we get a ranch, I want a finished basement so I'll still need the lift.