My Husband Is So Wonderful

We've decided to get the old patio area torn out and new cement poured.  One day Steve grabbed his sledge hammer and started swinging.  A few days of that and then Steve II came out and helped.  Between that day and a few more days of hard work for my husband and it was all broken up.

After that, Steve spent a while (quite a while) picking up the broken cement and threw it in the back of his truck.  The ones that were actually rocks went aside in a separate pile to go to my rock garden.  Pretty soon it was bare ground.

Hopefully soon we will have a new patio.  Steve's comparing cement with pavers, wood, etc., to determine the best cost. 

Then, after we get the patio done, we will be getting a new picnic table or at least a large table and chairs with summertime outdoor cushions.  The time cannot go fast enough for me.

I'm really looking forward to sitting outside again on a patio!