Doctor's Visit

Those of you I've talked to recently know that I have been having problems with my gallbladder for a few weeks now. Saturday afternoon I started needing to use the necessary room quite often. Not wanting to go into more detail except it is what every person dreads. Not feeling nauseous, I ruled out the stomach flu.

I had made egg salad sandwiches for lunch (which were delicious) and immediately wondered if it was the culprit. Since Steve didn't become sick, that was ruled out also (although the thought of eating another one makes me ill). Wondering if it was tied up with the gallbladder, I became nervous about eating anything. After having rice for two days, I ventured into trying more solid food again.

Since I had a doctor's appointment today, I figured I'd just wait to see what she said. She doesn't know if the two are related either. Great, huh? I told her I didn't want to have the gallbladder removed since I read on the web that you have more chance of getting colin cancer after removal. She hadn't heard that but went to her website and printed out a report that confirmed it. So she said, "If you want to make an appoinment with the doctor you saw for the gallbladder is up to you." Okay, so what's the alternative?

I wouldn't mind going to a specialist who would consider zapping the darn gall stones (I have three). And how do you get them, for crying out loud? On the positive side, my not eating much (because I'm afraid to) has made me go down to 1/2 pound lower than my low weight. Now if I could just keep lowering it, that would be grand. I should have thought to ask the doc, "Which are the best diet pills to take?"

I had one more thing to talk to the doctor about but instead of her coming into the room again with the report, she sent her nurse in with it. I told Sandy about the last thing I had wanted to discuss and would the doctor order the US of the kidney that my sisters and I all need every two years? Since all of the doctors are helping out in the walk-in clinic today, my doctor would not be able to come back in to visit with me. Great, huh? Sandy said she would talk with the doctor about the US and see if she wanted to order an xray for my hand.

So I left the clinic not knowing if my current illness and the problem with my gallbladder are related, not getting my hand looked at, and no alternative to having the gallbladder removed. Isn't life grand? Hope you had a more productive day! Halfmoon