Saturday's the Day!

Well, the shower is almost upon us. I can hardly wait. I went to Abby's Tuesday to see what she received from the Sleeth shower and was nearly overwhelmed. Justin's mom got them an Eddie Bauer bassinet with all the trimmings. Seems like anything I get will be unable to compare to that.

They have tons of clothes now, two Binkys or BinBins as Alyce would say (pacefiers), a cool train that makes a lot of noise, bottles, diapers, etc. Speaking of diapers, Abby and I were trying to figure out which pile to put diapers in from the diaper cake as they were different sizes. This was after Abby told me she'd looked inside the diapers to find a tag (LOL). I told her, "Don't look at me, I haven't bought diapers since you were in them!" Finally, I said we should take one out of a package of diapers so we know what size is what. Guess what? Abby noticed the diapers have the size printed on the back of the diapers! How cool is that. And we were just about ready to call Heather for help.

I had wanted to get a rocking chair for the shower, then after I drove home, I remembered the leather chair I sit in a lot rocks. What else to get? Hmmmmmm! Of course I finally came up with an idea, but cannot divulge it here. What if Abby reads it?

Jackie sent her presents by UPS and they arrived a few days ago. I got out my trusty box cutter, zapped that puppy open and can only get a glimpse of what she sent (not fair). Jackie told me to open it and see if they arrived all right. I can't wait till Abby completely opens the presents at the shower.

That's it for now, have a glorious day! Halfmoon