Sue, Wendy, and the Kids

Sue, my sister from Council Bluffs, and Wendy, my niece from Avoca and her three children, came over for a visit Wednesday. Heather, Jordan, Kat, and Alyce, Shelley Taylor and Carter, Angie and Jadah, Abby, and Sydney (Steve's oldest daughter) were all here. That made all of my grandchildren here to play with Kyle, Kole, and Kloe.

There was a little shyness at first between the kids until they found a baby toad, then everyone lightened up and had fun. I cannot believe how Kyle has grown (both taller and mature wise). Kole and Katiana are around the same age and that is always fun. Kloe and Alyce are close to the same age too, however, they both wanted to play with the same toys All in all everyone had a great time.

When my sisters, brother, and I were younger, we used to be around our cousins a lot and made many memories. (Remember piling the mattresses in the living room, Sue, and jumping off the TV onto them? At least until we were caught by Mom and Dad.) As we grew older, there was a pig roast to go to yearly at my Aunt Velda's. That was always great fun.

Sue and I exchanged birthday presents (our birthdays are in May). She always has such great taste, I love her gifts. With the gas prices what they are, we both put off making a trip to see each other. They came up to Adventureland and stayed over night at a friend's home, then stopped at my place before travelling back home. I made maidrites for lunch (since it's easy to make in large quantity) along with chips, yum. I normally don't eat lunch but it was worth it.

Shelley, Abby, and Angie weren't able to stay long but what time Sue and Wendy had with them was great. Of course, we took pictures to commemorate the event! When they left (to go home), Heather drove us to Sydney's house so we could drop her off. All in all it was a wonderful day. One I hope we repeat often before the cold weather comes on. Hope you all have a great day today. Until the next time....Halfmoon