Time With Jordan

I went to Heather's Wednesday to visit and was amazed at Jordan's response to helping around the house. In the last two days he had emptied the dishwasher four times, picked up and swept the kitchen, and cleaned his room without complaining. Heather asked if I had noticed he is growing up. I agreed with her.

While I was there he'd taken two bags out to the dumpster plus two more trips to take empty water jugs out with not a negative word. I could see he was worn out, but was so proud of him. Apparently the girls got into his room and messed it up again which was frustrating, needless to say. I asked him to go into his room and pick half of it up and sent Kat in to straighten the rest. He looked at me with such tiredness, that I told him when he was done, he could go home with me for the night. Wow, did that perk him up.

Halfway home I wasn't surprised when I looked in the back seat and saw him asleep. Of course, when I pulled into the garage, he perked up again and was all excited. We had chef salads for supper and then Jordan and I played two games of Yahzee. Grandpa went to bed before our first game was finished. Steve's been working in Ames all week and the drive alone wears him out.

Thursday Jordan and I spent some time outside and then went in to play a game of Clue. I forgot how much fun it is just to play board games. We really enjoyed each other and I can see that he is maturing. Outside once again, Jordan swept the platform of the swingset and I helped him put a lawn chair on it. He said he felt like he was on top of the world and could feel a great breeze up there. (It was a very hot day.)

He helped me work on a puzzle after that and then I challanged him to another game of Clue. Of course, we had to play Yahzee again and he actually beat me! I took him back home late that afternoon. On the drive home I put our favorite song in the CD player and started singing. I kept glancing back at him and finally noticed he wasn't singing along. That surprised me as he usually loves to sing.

Once we arrived at Heather's, I stayed to visit a short while (long enough to make Kat pick up the mess she'd made in the living room). She asked me how long I was staying (I think she was tired of Grandma making her mind). When she had picked up the last thing that didn't belong on the floor, she said "Grandma, are you going to go home now?" I laughed at that because I knew she didn't want me to think of something else she should do! LOL I went in and told Alyce goodbye and she puckered up her lips for a kiss. I kissed her and then she held her little arms out to give her Grandma a hug. How sweet is that? Have a great day! Halfmoon

P.S. Steve is thinking hard about leaving the carpentry field. The only thing that has held him back is the cost of insurance. Maybe we should look into NC health insurance.