A Little Bit of Washington

Larry Joe, Terry, Aunt Helen, Trina, Ellie, Eddie, and Linda

Back to Washington, we go. I finally uploaded my pics from my camera to the laptop so thought I'd try and get a few in my blog to share with you. Forgive me if I don't know all of my cousin's spouses and kids names. I'm hoping Sheila will send me a list soon.

We had a really great time seeing everyone. I had to push myself sometimes to go sit with people I didn't really know to find out how we were related. I could not believe how much Mike Moon looked like his Dad, Uncle Jim.

Mike's wife's name is Barb and their daughter is Mikayla. Jim's son is David w/wife Crystal and their baby is Malee.

I'm not very good with remembering names but at least I think I have all of my cousin's names down. This pic is of the three Adams girls. The back row shows Tammy, Connie, and Cindy. I believe (and so do they) Tammy and Connie look a lot like Aunt Muriel. Cindy looks like her mom, my Aunt Evie. I was disappointed that Aunt Evie couldn't come to the reunion, but it was understandable since she has Alzheimers and cancer.

This is Linda and Bills family. Sorry, I left the list of the daughters names at home, but I don't know which one is which. I'll have to sit with the camcorder and write them down as I have me computer on so I can get them straight. I know she has five daughters (I'm not sure, at this point, if they have any sons).

This pic shows Jim and Mike Moon in the back row with Karen Moon in the front row. The next pic is Jim Moon's family. I think his son's name is David, David's wife is Crystal, and their baby is Mia.

The next pic is Eddie's family, again, I don't have their names, sorry. I do know that the pic shows his wife, her mother, Aunt Helen, Eddie's son, and granddaughter.

This is Ellie's family with Aunt Helen. Ellie's husband's name is Mike. That's it for now. Halfmoon

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