Memorial Weekend (Sunday)

As you know, we generally get together with our kids the day before the holiday if possible so the adults don't have to get up to go to work the next morning. We followed that same tradition for Memorial Day.

Abby was unable to come out because she worked both Sunday and Monday so we will be getting together with her Wednesday. Steve came with Angie and Jadah, but it wasn't his weekend for Syd so she wasn't there and we all missed her. (I really love it when my WHOLE family can be there.)

We took a few pics of the grandkids, but never could get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. I'm sure Heather's pics are better than mine but here is the best one. The only one I caught Alyce looking at the camera in, she was sticking her tongue out.

As you can see, Christian is really growing. He's within a pound of Mikayla and he is three months old now, she is seven months old. I'll have to remember to take my camera tomorrow to get current pics of Abby's family.

We had a really good time Sunday, grilled brats and hotdogs, had salad, chips, and a wrap that Shelley made (burrito wrapped around creamed cheese and meat?) that were really yummy. Afterwards we had watermelon that was so was wonderful. Of course, we had a campfire which is always the treat about getting together at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Here's hoping you all had a great holiday, one we need to remember is in honor of our men and women who died so we could live in freedom. Yesterday Steve asked me where we were going to vacation next. His rotator cuff surgery is Friday so I doubt we'll be travelling any time soon. Doesn't hurt to look for great travel deals anyway. You never know when you might win the Powerball and then have cash to go wherever you want.