A Little More of Alabama

During our trip to Alabama we were able to spend time visiting with Buddy (Sherman) and Deanna. Buddy hasn't changed one iota, he's still the same, fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor. Deanna is really sweet and I really enjoyed being with both of them. I snapped a few pics and will include them here.
Jackie seemed to be doing really well. Although she is in pain from the scar tissue/hernia in her tummy, it doesn't keep her from playing hearts. Since I don't remember playing it, she taught me the game and we stayed up late, nights to try to have me understand it. I will say, I'll probably never be able to play like she does. I don't know how she can keep track of how many hearts were played, not to mention how many spades above the queen are out to catch someone higher than you when you have the queen.

Michelle came over twice and she hasn't changed much either. She's still very pretty and as sweet as can be. Randy is still a hoot, still has that dry humour. I catch myself watching the expression on his face to see if he's teasing or not.

We drove up to Mike's new place and went out to eat Mexican food with them, YUM! They are such a neat couple, I'm so happy that they found each other. Mike really deserves to be happy and he and Crissa have such a neat family. Grant warmed up to Steve and I right away, it took Evan a little longer to even talk in front of us. We had a wonderful time with them and, though they tried to talk us into spending the night at their place, we opted to drive back to our timeshare in Tennessee so we'd have two nights there before heading home.

Remember the good old days when Heather and I took piano lessons? That was a great time! Too bad I didn't have as much talent as she did! Halfmoon