Time With Abbernathy

After my doctor's appointment, Steve and I went to Abby's to see her and Mikayla (Justin was at work). We played with Mikayla for a while and she is really getting to be fun to be around since she can sit up and play.

She has a cute little train set and one of those toys that you have shapes you can push into the correct shaped holes (which makes music go off). She was really starting to get the hang of it (besides, I loved playing with it too!)

After that we drove Abby to Ankeny to get her license renewed as she had let it lapse in February (oops!) She was nervous that she would have to take a driving or written test because it had expired. She actually called her brother (Steve) to see if she'd be put in jail if she was caught driving with it expired (what a hoot!)

She didn't have to take any test at all which made us all happy. After having her pic taken, we all went out the 'do not exit' line as we couldn't see the exit door. Once we were on the interstate I asked where the closest Taco Bell was. We used to go to Taco Bell every Saturday after getting allergy shots so she loves them as much as I do.

We're at Josh's now so I'd best sign off here for a little while. Have a great night! I'll probably need to search around to find the best diet pill
after eating with Josh, Tay, and Carter (salmon patties -- YUM!) Halfmoon