A Note About Steve

After having a checkup with the orthopaedic surgeon, Steve was given a third exercise for home therapy to get him on the road to recovery. We are thankful that the therapy is such that he can do it at home, thus alleviating more trips to DSM and using less gas in the vehicle.

His shoulder is improving and I think he is finally seeing hope for the future. There is still the need to find a new field of work (as if that isn't a huge concern), but, at least he will be able to use his arm for the most part. The doctor strongly suggested that he not be in the carpentry field any longer as it could undo what the surgery accomplished.

Wednesday night his tooth started throbbing. He had a general checkup at the dentist Thursday and there may be a cavity causing the pain. They made an appointment for Tuesday. Meanwhile, anything hot or cold, or chewing on that side causes great pain. We're falling apart, aren't we Steve? He mentioned the fact that we seem to either be going to the hospital or doctor appointments all the time now. Bummer!

Steve and I have always been thankful that people complement us on how young we looked in the past. Those comments don't come as often now and Steve's been concerned with new wrinkles that are appearing. Maybe I'll check into wrinkle cream to see if that will alleviate this current concern.

Wow, I feel like all I do is whine about our health now. Sorry about that. I'll try to be more upbeat from now on! Halfmoon