My previous entry was about my visit to the doctor for the pain in my right side. If you read it, you know I headed to the hospital for tests. We arrived around 5:30 PM and was checked in within 15 minutes. I was told I had three people before me waiting to go to rooms.

Piece of cake, right? After two hours and seeing many people being called to go to rooms (most of whom came in after me), I became frustrated. Steve called another hospital to see what their wait time was and, of course, they wouldn't even give him an estimate of time.

We went up to the receptionist and I asked for the orders my doctor called in because I was going to go to the other hospital. After a few people became involved, the supervisor came up and asked my name. What do you know, I would be the next person to be taken to a room.

I understand if someone comes in with heart pains, or something dire, they would go before me, but PLEASE, all of those people could not be having problems worse than mine. After finally being installed into a room, the nurse went over why I was there, the doctor came in and ordered a CT scan be taken.

After drinking a dye flavored with red Crystal Light (that tasted like metal), I had an hour and a half wait before the scan could take place. I told a total of three nurses that I was allergic to fish, but I had had iodine contrast before, just leave the port in in case an antidote is needed.

The nurse finally came in and told me they were ready for me, she also asked me about shellfish. Again, I explained my history. She decided to talk to the doctor to see if I needed Benedryl and some other thing (who knows what) before the scan. Of course, I needed it and that meant another hour wait before the scan could take place.

After the scan the doctor said it looked good, so now they are ordering an ultrasound to see what is going on. Another wait for that and finally I had the ultrasound taken. Meanwhile, since 5:45 PM I am not allowed any food or drink. Let me tell you how thirsty I was and then the hunger pains start in.

The ultrasound showed a cyst which was causing the pain. Nothing but clear liquids for 12 hours, however, I could go home. We left the hospital at 4:00 AM and headed to HyVee to get my meds (for pain and nausea).

We finally arrived home at 6:00 AM, I lit a candle, said my prayers and went to bed. I did, however, have to set my alarm for 8:00 AM to make an appointment to see my family doctor before Noon. Such is my life! Hope your day went better than mine (and it was Steve and my 32ND anniversary for Pete's sake! Halfmoon