I'm Feeling Slightly Better

Friday night was a night of a lot of fun for the most part. Linda came over because she wasn't able to come on her normal night (Thursdays). Her mother-in-law died that morning and she still had to go to work because it was the end of the month and no one else knows how to run the reports she does.

Abby came over as Justin took Mikayla with his family camping. Abby had to work so since she'd be alone I invited her to spend the night. With Abby and Linda there we got out the decks of cards and convinced Steve to play Nertz (sp?) with us. It was really fun.

After the last game was over, a wave of nausea hit me bad. I asked Abby to see Linda to the door as I headed to bed. After a half hour of laying down clutching my nighttime pills (I was afraid to swallow them as I was sure they'd come back up) I ran to the bathroom. I won't go any further, no sense in making you sick, too. I was sick all night and just had nausea the next whole day. Yesterday I felt better, than as I was making supper, the nausea hit me hard again.

Today I woke up with a terrific headache and nausea. I had Steve cancel my dental appointment. Oh, well. Someday I'll get my crown on. I took two Tylenol and went back to bed. I feel slightly better now. I'm hoping it will go away completely today.

I really have been drinking a lot of water and am thankful that we have a filter on our refrigerator.  I use to add ice to my water and crunch on it, but lately I have just been craving the water.

I think if I keep drinking it to flush out my system, I'll get over this. Right?