Heather here and I’m guest blogging for my mom right at this moment.  No reason really, just fun!

If you don’t know me, I’m my mom’s oldest daughter.  I have 4 kids.  My oldest is Jordan, he’s 11 – going on I know everything mom knows nothing.

Things are starting to change for Jordan, I think he’s growing up too fast on me.  Voice is getting a little lower (no squeaks yet), needing to use the Old Spice deodorant daily, and asking me to buy him acne products, though I don’t know why, he doesn’t have facial or chin acne.  Just a pimple here and there, the current one being on the back of his leg.

I’m not ready for him to grow up yet.  I’m going to put him in a mason jar and keep him small a bit more.

Who am I kidding, none of my kids are going to fit into a canning jar anymore.