Up in the Attic Again

Since the change to digital television, we have had such poor reception, we started renting DVDs to watch instead of TV because the show would fail to broadcast so many times, you'd get sick of it.

We have a Standard Definition television, not HDTV, but close. Our normal channels are 5, 8, 8.2, 11, 13, 13.2 and 17. Since the change to digital, we could get 13, 13.2, and 17 (and not all the time, at that). No channel 5 or 8 at all.

Steve searched the web for antennas to see if we could get better reception. It's not like we live out in the boonies (sometimes it feels that way), but we do live out in the country and our house is surrounded by huge oak and fir trees.

I think maybe we should take an Orlando vacation. Just forget about the TV reception and go relax somewhere else.

Since we can't take off right now, Steve finally decided on an antenna called 'Futura' and it is an antenna/amplifier. We got really excited when he hooked it up and was able to get channels 5 and 8. We haven't seen those channels in months.

Now we are having trouble getting channel 17 to come in. It's my favorite channel as "Everybody Loves Raymond" is my favorite show. I wish they'd continue making that show. Oh, well. What's your favorite show?