What’s Your Dream Vacation?

Heather here and I’m guest blogging for my mom right at this moment.  No reason really, just fun!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?  Some people dream of trips over seas others dream of Branson vacations.  I know my mama dreams of a trip to Hawaii with my dad.  You know, a romantic second honeymoon.  I would love to go back to Nassau, Bahamas – this time without the fighting that accompanies my brother Steve and I when we are stuck in a small place for any extended period of time.  We love each other, we just can’t live together…at all. 

I also would love to visit Scotland someday.  When I was a little girl I would always ask my grandpa where our family was from and he would always tell me our ancestors were from Scotland.  I know I’m actually a Heintz 57 when it comes to my ethnicity, but it’s nice to think that I’m Scottish.  I would love to visit there. 

For someone who loves Scotland, I ended up being named perfectly, don’t you think?

Heather - The English name Heather means - Signifies a flower associated with Scotland.

Good job mom!