Watching the Fire

As you probably already know, we love to have campfires. Love having the family out, the kids playing, parents talking, just getting together in general. The highlight is always lighting the campfire (after lighting the Tiki lamps for mosquitoes). The kids, of course, always want S'mores. I just want a roasted marshmallow!

We have the wooden swing set that came with this house, but I'd love to have another swing set so all my grandkids could swing at once. You know how it is when you have 3 swings and at least 7 or 8 grandkids here at one time. Back to campfires...

The other night Steve and I were alone. He had the wood built to have a campfire and he looked at me and said, "What do you think?" Of course, I smiled and said yes to lighting it, though no one else was here. We've lit them before with just the two of us, but not this summer.

He stuffed a few pieces of newspaper to get it started and off it went. I love watching the different colors of the flames, especially the blue pretty. Pretty romantic stuff, just the two of us watching the flames. No S'more, no family, just ourselves, our conversation, and our thoughts.

Steve is such a beautiful guy. Not just his looks, I'm sure my daughters are thinking 'yes, he's good looking, but it's my Dad'. He has a beautiful way about him. He takes care of me, worries about me, loves me. What can I say except I'm in love. And I love 'love'! Don't you?