Do you like your furniture

I’ve thought about getting designer furniture, it would be nice to have my house look chic and put together and right out of a magazine.  Then I think though, almost every piece of furniture in my house has memories, attached to my children, attached to my parents, attached to something important in my life.  And they are all pieces that are classic.  You would never know by looking at my recliner that it came from my dad’s house and that he spent so much time reclined in it doing crossword puzzles.  It still looks as nice today as the day they got it.

And none of it was ever covered in plastic either.  Did your parents ever do that?  Cover the good furniture in plastic?  I’m trying to think back to if mine ever did.  I don’t think they did.

Heather was mighty glad when she got a leather couch.  No more steaming her microfiber couch that even water would leave a mark on.  See, there you have it.  She had a nice piece of designer furniture and went with the old standby because it’s easier when you have little ones.