What’s On Your Christmas List

I know, I know, it’s too early to be talking about Christmas….isn’t it?  Unless you saw this picture on Heather’s blog the other day.  (She said I could steal it.)


My grandson Jordan has been talking for months about wanting an iPod touch for Christmas.  Both his mom and his dad have one and he has iPod envy.

Next, he’ll be having iPad envy – wait, that’s Heather that wants one of those so badly.

Heather isn’t quite sure if he’s ready for one because he doesn’t take care of a lot of his things, but on the other hand, he takes excellent care of his laptop.  (Ask him where his phone is at any given moment and he’s not quite sure though. 

I was thinking it would be fun for myself to get an ipod nano.  Something to put all the cds on that I keep in my car.  Yes, I should really move into the digital age.  I think it would be great to have all of those on one small device for when we take trips.  Steve likes to play DJ, and sometimes I can even get him to sing along with me.  Being able to push a button rather than sort through all the cds in the visor would be great.