Jordan's Run

This is a long time coming but I wanted to blog about Jordan's 1K run. We were there and so proud of Jordan finishing, not to mention going through with even doing the run when he wanted to back out. Yay Jordan!!! There were some 7th and 8th grade girls (7 - 10 of them) cheering the kids on.

They cheered Jordan and it was sooooo cool. He couldn't understand how they knew his name, but it got him trying to run again. He was so tuckered out by then he just wanted to lay down.

I don't blame him. When Mom, Kat, Grandpa, and a volunteer helper started running with him, he picked up speed to get to the finish line. I had tears in my eyes. After he passed the finish line, I said to Heather, "I wished I had a camera to show you how cool it looked from the back seeing you all running with him for encouragement."

Little did I know a picture was taken from the front by a DM Register reporter. She walked up to us afterwards to get Jordan's name and also the names of everyone who ran with him. I'm inserting here my daughter's comments from The Infamous Mile : The 24/7 Mom:

On the way to the car, a lady with a camera that I dream of came up to us and said, I got a picture of the 4 of you running at the end. Do you care if I put it in the paper on Thursday? My mom had just said, I wish I could have gotten a picture of you 4 at the end. It was so neat! I guess Thursday she will get that picture. :) The lady took our names and got a quote from me then left.

That cheered Jordan up a little bit.

And his picture was in the Register, I encourage you to go see it! His pic is #20 so press the left arrow to go back to 20 (it's faster). Jordan finished what he set out to do, no matter how hard it was for him. Jordan has a goodness in his heart that shines out to everyone close to him. Grandpa and I were so proud! Way to go Jordan!!!!!