Heather’s New Little Dog

Heather got the cutest little dog that she brought home tonight.  She tried to talk Steve and I into getting before she made arrangements to be able to take her herself.  Steve doesn’t want an indoor dog, so we couldn’t.

She sent me a picture of her, though I haven’t gotten a chance to meet her yet. 


I’m sure you will see that picture on her blog tomorrow morning, but I beat her to it. :)  I couldn’t help it, it’s such a cute picture.  Heather said that that is a Build A Bear Workshop bed if that tells you how tiny this little 3 year old dog is.

She has been running the barcode scanners crazy with all she has bought for this little dog.  She’s a rescue.  She was raised in a puppy mill and has been bread multiple times.  She was in a cage most of her life, somewhere along the line getting a broken jaw that was never treated, leaving hers crooked.  From what Heather has told me, this little dog deserves a lifetime of love and happiness and being spoiled.  Heather has raved about her foster mom and the care she received there.  How that woman turned a dog that was probably terrified and so nervous into this sweet little bundle of joy.  She hasn’t seem scared at all of Heather or her family, in fact, she climbs right up on Heather and buries down to sleep in her lap.

I’m sure if you follow her blog there will be many more stories of little Junie Bee to come.

May that little one have a long wonderful life from here on out.