Did I Tell You.....

the day after Aiden was born we pulled into the hospital parking lot and got out of the car. Steve immediately said, "You've got a tire going flat." Oh, great! Just what we need and we were going into see the new baby. Life sucks sometimes.

Back into the car we climb, I drove over to a nearby QT, while Steve called Abby to let her know we wouldn't be coming up. Justin had seen us through the window so they were expecting us.

Would have been a good time to have breakdown service. Instead, we filled the tire up with air and by the time we drove back to the hospital, we'd lost 4 lbs of air.

It was the fastest visit to see the baby as we had to get to Walmart quickly before the air went back out. Of course the closest one didn't have time to work on it, so we drove to the Mill Civic Parkway one and luckily we still had some air in it and they were able to get us in right away.