Turkey Day Was a Blast

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was very, very good. I'd have to say it may be the best I can remember. Everyone in our family was there except Jordan, who was at his Dad's house (or probably his Grandma's).

Steve did most of the preparation for the turkey (and the making of the pumpkin pies the day before) as I ended up having a sinus infection, fluid behind my right ear, and coughing all the time. Normally, we make things together and I tend to get angry because we do the same thing every year, yet he has to be walked through it all (getting the turkey and dressing ready). By the time we're with the family, I'm normally so upset I can scream. This year, okay, there was the normal "I don't know how to do this"; but although that irritated me (cause I wanted to get into the tub and didn't feel that great), we didn't argue or become angry. It's a miracle!

Once we got to Heather's, who graciously offered up her home for the day, everyone was happy and Steve brought his new girlfriend, Lavonda, and her son, Matt, and she got along with everyone great. Oh, he also brought Syd and Jadah, too. After eating, the kids showed us what they could do (head stands, cartwheels, backbends, etc.) and I recorded most of it and took a lot of pics with the camera, too. We even got Heather and Abby to do some things.

Wednesday, Steve went to the orthopaedic hand surgeon who did my surgery on my thumb joint. He is signed up to have surgery on his left hand in December. At least it's not something major like Open back surgery. This will take 6 to 8 weeks off work, but since he's not working still, anyway and it doesn't sound like it will start up again until possibly January, he might as well take the time to do it now.

I was thinking about having my left hand done; but, thankfully, since my last massage, it hasn't hurt much at all. Hurray! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend coming up.