A Change In Weather

Earlier today I spent very little time outside as it was rainy (all day long) and chilly. There's nothing drearier than a rainy day with little to do. Tonight I went outside again and this time it was snowing. Oh, brother! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :) Actually, the flakes are very large and wet. The sidewalk is getting a slushy look to it (although, the weatherman said it wouldn't stick to the sidewalks). Of course, the grass is getting a nice clean (white) covering. Tomorrow I have two appointments and then church in the evening. The first appointment is to have a tooth filled (now that I have dental insurance again). The second appointment is for a massage (I can hardly wait!) and that is a must. It's at 5:30, then there should just be enough time to get to church. It's not supposed to snow tomorrow. In fact, it is supposed to be sunny (hallelujah) and should melt away the snow.