Pato's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Pato (actually it is tomorrow); but, he is grilling out tonight, yum! I always love it when he cooks. Actually, I like it when anyone but me cooks. He makes great Mexican food and chicken wings/legs on the grill, yum yum.

I'm waiting for Heather to call me to tell me he got home with the new vacuum so my allergies don't act up. They have one kitten, two dogs, two lovebirds, and 4 budgies. I don't understand how Heather can not react to the animals. I know sometimes she reacts to cats but since they lived with Josh and Shelley, she seems to be better. OR her knew kitten is special.

I'm actually typing this in the computer room as for some reason I cannot always get WIFI in the living room. I think I need a longer plug in directly to the satellite box on this desk. Then I could get a management cable so I wouldn't fall over it.

I wonder what Pato's fixing tonight???? I'm getting very hungry now that I think of it. :) Have a great weekend!