Christmas Shopping

Abby and Mikayla met Steve and I at the YMCA Healthy Living Center this afternoon. Abby needed to get into the hot tub and, of course, Mikayla just loves to swim. After spending time in the pool and then the hot tub, we went back to get Mikayla at the pool where Grandpa was playing with her. Abby, Mikayla, and I took showers and then I went with them Abby's. Steve went to church and then came to Abby's later.

Justin had supper ready, so after eating, Justin and Abby went Christmas shopping. They bought so much stuff they considered looking at trailer hitches so they could haul it all home. Seriously, they didn't get that much. Wouldn't that be fun, though?

Steve and I hand out checks (I should say Steve does) to our four kids so they can do the shopping for us for their families. I can remember when we used to go shopping for the whole family. One year we even bought something for everyone in Steve's family, kids included. Since I hurt my back, that is impossible for me. Besides, our kids know more what their kids want or need.

Looking forward to church tomorrow morning. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!