Hobbling Around on Turkey Day

Last Saturday afternoon, I mentioned that I started limping around.  Sunday, my knee popped and I thought something broke.

Steve took me to the walk-in clinic and I was diagnosed as having hyper extended my knee (probable cartilage that popped).  Now I'm in a knee immobilizer and one crutch to get up and down steps and over rough ground.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and after we ate, Steve played some guitar for us.  I've mentioned before that we have three singers in our family.  I sang a lot Thursday evening.  I just love music.  As a matter of fact I just ordered a present for Steve (can't tell you what).  It's nonsense to shop in the crowds for things that pertain to music when you can do everything from your computer.

I'm so excited, I can't wait for Christmas.  Last Saturday, Steve gave Heather her old guitar which we gave her when she was young.  She didn't realize we still had it.  It just needs some new strings and it'll be ready to go.  She was very surprised to get it.  I guess she thought it was gone and didn't think about it any more.

It's always great to surprise family with music!