Taco Bell

My kids and I used to have a tradition that we would do every Saturday.  My girls and I had to get allergy shots each week (I get 3 shots every visit).  For giving them a reward for getting their shots with no hassle, I would take them to Taco Bell afterwards.

Years have gone by and that tradition went by the wayside.  Lately, Steve II and I started it up again, just the two of us.  He had Friday's off and we would go to eat and then get what groceries or whatever else is needed and then head home.  It's become a special time between us.

Today, Josh had the day off so I called him and asked if he could get away by himself for a short while.  I picked up Steve II, then swung by Josh's and got him.  My hubby, Steve, met us there and we all ate together at Taco Bell!  It was great!

Have you had your fill of Turkey yet?