Hey, All

Sitting here in my living room just loving it that I can now use my computer here.  I don't know what happened but the last time the kids were here, Heather was able to upload a movie from my living room.  I decided I should try the computer in here again and voila! I am so happy!

Well, we (Jackie or I) didn't win the Powerball, dagnabit.  Guess we'll just have to keep getting by on what we have.

I am happy to say Steve started work again (Tuesday, I think), so we will have a few more hours to count towards our health insurance benefit.  It gets bad when you have to pay the thing yourself.  I know, most of you do that, but one of the benefits of the union he's in is the employer pays the benefit as long as you have enough hours in each month.

I am hoping Steve will get to work in January with the out of town company that hired him to work at Penneys.  They told him he'd work Jan thru Sept of 2013.  Let's see if they keep their word.  If so, he will almost be ready to retire after that.  Whoopee!

I've been working on my emails and now have them under 2,000 to read.  Hey, that's good for me.  For a while it was over 5,000.

Hope you have a great day!