Target Practicing

A week or two ago (isn't it terrible how time flies?) Heather and her kids, Josh and Tay, Abby, Justin, and the kidlets came out to practice shooting.  Steve brought his rifle out and Josh brought his, the rest of the rifles were brought by Abby and Justin (and most of the ammunition).

After swinging as long as they wanted, Heather's younger three out together a puzzle at the dining room table.  I walked Kayla and Aiden around the yard.  Aiden had picked up a big stick and pointed it at me and said, "baa baa".  His rendition of a gun, I think.  Kayla picked up a stick then and we headed to the horseshoe posts which had large plastic cups over them.  The two of them hit those for quite a while.

Finally, Kayla went in the house to color and play.  I watched Aiden play on the toys and finally took him into the house, also.  On the way in, something started hurting in my left knee.  I limped around the rest of the day and evening.

Once the shooting was over, the girls helped me make pigs in a blanket with Bisquick.  They were yummy.  We ended up making 18 of them and they were the long hotdogs so were very filling.  We ended up with only two left so I sent those home with Jay for his two kids.

Now we are getting ready to go to Abby's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Yum!  Cannot wait.  Steve is figuring out his yearly Christmas gift for the families which he will place checks in envelopes.  This year I remembered cheap envelope printing at  So the envelopes are ready!

Then the kids can shop for their families and we won't have to make lists or walk around.  Also, by giving it to them this early, they can shop the sales!  Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!