Alyce & Kat - At the Doctor

Well, today I drove in to take Heather and kids to Alyce and Kat's well check-ups. Most of you know I used to work at that doctor's office. I always have trepidition about going there, but it always turns out nice to see the girls I used to work with.

As we were driving there, Jordan asked if Jaimy would be there. He is the only male in the check-in/check-out section and Jordan likes to go when he is there. When I used to work there, Jaimy would give Jordan things to do while his mom had the girls in seeing the doctor. (Sometimes it was finding paper clips, other times dusting with a feather duster.) At one point I began to worry when Jordan said he was going to be a janiter when he got older. I told him he's going to be a doctor or a lawyer (someone to take care of Grandma when she's old).

The visit seemed to go quickly while we were there. I was amazed when I saw what time it was when we got back to the car. The other amazing thing was how Heather removed all of the marker off her daughter's bodies before I picked them up. She must have had the girls under multiple shower faucets as the marks were pretty faded. Believe me, if there's a marker in the house, one of the girls will find it.

After the doctor's visit (and the nurse's shot for Alyce :( which really made her sad), Heather took us to eat at Taco Bell!!! Unfortunately Alyce slept through most of that visit. Heather did pretty well, though, eating with one hand (ahh, I remember those days). Finally Alyce woke up and ate, too. Surprises me how much Kat eats now. She always ate a minuscule amount of food and then said she was full. She ate her whole kid's meal (minus the chips she shared with her favorite Grandma).

Alyce shared chips with Grandma too (the last one she ate most of and gave me about 1/8 of the chip). What a's the thought that counts, right? Both girls are healthy, keep trying to get Alyce to drink milk. The doctor seemed happy that Alyce has 18 - 20 words in her vocabulary now. (We're happy too!) We were counting the words as we waited for the doc to come. I sure love my grandkids! Halfmoon

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