Father's Day is Sunday

Well, I'm still no nearer to an idea for Steve for Father's Day. Any input would be appreciated. I saw a really neat grill at Home Depot, I think, that has four burners plus another burner for placing pans on it to cook. The drawback was that the cost was $199. Man!

Steve normally won't give me hints for gifts for him. One idea I had was for me to add things to the garden to make it neater, but that would really be for me, not him. Bummer! We really haven't talked about it yet, with all the problems we've had keeping the crawl space dry and the problems with my tooth.

For those of you who didn't read yesterdays blog, I ended up having a root canal done due to infection in two cusps of a bottom molar. Anyway, back to Father's Day, if you think of something cool but not too expensive, give me a call or email me! (Or comment on my blog, LOL) Maybe I should look at some plus size lingerie, that would give him a kick, huh? Halfmoon

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