Is It the End Times?

Iowa has been hit again with heavy, continuous rains. Des Moines television stations predicted these storms are going to be worse than the Floods of '93. Anyone who lived through that flood knows how bad it was. Will it truly be worse than that?

Only driving on the I-80 bridges over the Raccoon River reinforces the fear of how close we are to the big flood. The outdoors even smells like mold. We have had too much rain.

Steve and I stocked up on food and water yesterday in case we are cut off from Des Moines. When we came back home, Heather called me and said her neighbor reported West Des Moines water would be cut off that afternoon. That worried me as we no longer operate with well water. I asked Steve if we should collect water in 5 gallon buckets for flushing just in case. He suggested I call Xenia and ask the outlook of our losing water.

Xenia responded, "We have other sources besides Des Moines for water, we have wells and other cities to draw from. No need to worry." Thank goodness for that. Well, I don't think this is the end times, however, the outlook is grim...keep your prayers going up, Iowa covets them! Halfmoon

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