Steve and Syd

Sunday Steve (II) brought Sydney out so he could help his dad put the air conditioner in the dining room window. He was getting concerned because it was forecast to be warmer in the next week or so. I was happy because usually it takes me a few weeks to get things lined up to put it in.

It's always great to see Sydney. She's one of my two granddaughters to come running to me and hug me without prompting (ok, sometimes Alyce does too). Syd has such a sunshiny smile, her whole face lights up. Since I don't see Sydney as often, it's always a treat when she comes.

She and I talked a lot while the guys worked on getting the window and air conditioner ready. I talked to her some about Jeff Dunham and his puppets. I wished I could have shown her the first DVD which wasn't quite as in need of bleeping as the second.

Finally, the guys had the truck backed up to the back door and since I'm the doorman, I went into action. After ensuring that the air conditioning compressor was located in its correct spot (and clean as a whistle), I let them pass into my domain.

It's a little trickier (this year and last) to get it into the window as the buffet is directly in the path. It's a pain to move, too, so I guess Steve's decided that leaving it in place is the lessor of two evils, huh? I'm all set for the hot weather now. Hope you are too! Halfmoon

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