Celebration of Birthdays

I'm really enjoying the hours Steve is working right now. We have been getting DVDs to watch together on his days off and sometimes during the day when he is home. I can't say the DVDs have been fantastic but just spending time together is excellent. Seems like we just keep getting better and better. Who knew that by the time we spent (almost) 31 years together it would be greater than when we first married.

I'm looking forward to Sue and Wendy (and her kids) coming up. Sue and I are going to celebrate our birthdays since we both just had one in May. I picked out her card in April and it is one of those that has music when you open it. She had mentioned she was not really looking forward to what her age will be (can't tell what that is, that would be telling). I can't say what it plays cause that would spoil it for her, but it's really cute and it's a song that I love. When I received her card for me in the mail, I had to laugh because it was a card that played music too! Brilliant minds think alike, right?

Another note on the home front, since Heather quit nursing she is looking for top diet pills to lose weight. Poor Alyce doesn't like milk. I worry about her not drinking it. I told Heather to start buying Alyce milkshakes, then start making them at home with less and less ice cream. Who knows, it might work. Hope you all have a great day! Halfmoon

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Anonymous said...

When are they coming again?

I found me some diet pills. LOL Nuphedrine for anyone who is curious. LOL

I'll talk to Dr K tomorrow to see whatelse to do with my non-milk drinking child. LOL

Love you!