False Alarm, But A Lot of Fun!

Tuesdays are the nights my best friend, Linda, comes over to visit. We both work on the crafts we are making. She normally cross-stitches her own creations, while I normally crochet afghans. We watch America's Got Talent or House and then later we watch Raymond.

Last Tuesday started like any other. Linda gave me my allergy shots (did I mention she is a nurse?), when my phone rang. Abby was on the line and said she'd been having pains all day. I asked if she wanted us to come over and she said she'd like that. Linda was the nurse for my doctor when I was pregnant with Abby and we became close friends. When we went to the hospital, Linda went with us. We had been playing cards all evening together when I was in labor. So, she was there when Abby was born and has been like a second mother for her ever since.

Steve went with us and we watched tv for a while and then got the cards out. Nothing like tradition, right? Abby's pains subsided, so no baby was born; but we had so much fun playing cards. We laughed a lot while entertaining each other.

I met Abby at her doctor's office the next day and she's closer to deliver than before, but so far no baby has appeared. The 23rd she will go to the hospital and have a limited ultrasound and a nonstress test. If anything's amiss, she will be induced. If not, she has an appointment on the 24th and she and the doctor will decide how to proceed. It's all so exciting. Grandbaby number eight will be here before you know it.

I wonder if Abby and Justin have ipods to take to the hospital? I'll keep you posted when that baby arrives! Halfmoon