I never thought I would be able to say it! It is finished! And it looks so great, it makes the siding look really, really bad. Lord only knows when we will be able to get that done. I know Steve won't be tackling it!

It's raining today (and last night, and tomorrow) and we don't have to worry about it. It feels so weird not watching the weather report six times a day worrying about rain in the forecast. Ok, we do still watch it, but without the trepidation.

We went to Ab and Justin's last night so Steve could help put a screen door on. They installed the inside door two nights before. They look so great, I'm jealous! Our two doors are gross.

Abby is nesting (Heather's term). She has been cleaning a lot and done six loads of washing in the last two days. Baby clothes galore! She's sorting them into newborn, up to 3 months and then 3 - 6 months. So, how do you end up with 4 or 5 little tops without the pants that match? They were all there when you put them in the washer! Hopefully they are already in the bin of clothes folded.

She's been dilated to one for two full weeks and she's tired of it. She has approx 11 days to go, determined, of course, by the little one's whim. My last two went two weeks over but normally first babies don't go over the due date.

Steve and I were contemplating driving to Alabama off and on since work is slow. Then last night I realized, "I can't go to Alabama, Abby will have that baby while I'm gone, as sure as shooting!" She jokingly said, "Go ahead and go, Mom, maybe I'll have it then." I'd never forgive myself if I was gone when she had her first baby. So, we'll stick around and if she has the baby soon, and if he's still off, maybe we will take off for the week that Theresa is there helping Abby.

My week to help will be the second week! I can hardly wait.  Halfmoon