Up on the Rooftop

I've never seen a more hardworking man in my life than my beloved husband, Steve. Or been so proud of anyone than I have been of my two hardworking sons, when they are working their butts off to help their Dad.

Steve decided to start on our roof when he had some slow time at work. Unfortunately, shortly after starting the roof, he had cellulitis in his arm just above the wrist. Joshua even took at least three days off work to help us out. What can you say to a young man so willing to give up his days he could be fishing to sweat it out up on the top of a house? All I can say is I'm proud of you, Josh, and I love you so!

Yesterday Justin (Abby's husband) called me and said he was off early and wanted to come over and help Steve. How cool is that! Even my son-in-law is wonderful! Now the north side of the house is nearly finished, hooray! Steve started on the south side of the highest peak (10/12 pitch) today. I'll be happy when it is all finished (I know Steve will be too!) Since I am unable to work with my back disability, perhaps I should check into Los Angeles jobs, who knows maybe there will be something I can do from my home when I am able to tolerate sitting at a computer.

Well, the rain is supposed to start again, let's hope it's not a large amount. Halfmoon