Marking Time

Abby called me this morning. Every time I see her name on my phone my heart starts racing and anticipation starts rising. Nope, not the baby yet. They have a rolloff (? dumpster) and will be having it picked up tomorrow evening probably if Steve wants to bring anything over to go in it.

Darn it anyway. When will she go into labor? I can well remember being near the term date and feeling big as a house, anxious for the blessed event to happen. Of course, once the hard labor started, I always wondered why I ever wanted it to happen. I'm sure Abby cannot wait.

Heather, her kids, Abby, Justin, Josh, and his kids came out Saturday evening for a campfire. Heather and I made chicken and noodles for supper and it was yummy. We all stuffed ourselves, then went outside to sit around the fire. The kids love being with their cousins and I love having my grandkids over. The evening was a perfect night weather-wise.

For once no one said anything about diet pills. I suppose with the only two females here being pregnant, that was the reason. When all my girls are around, the subject of weight usually comes up.

That's it for now, I'll write again soon. Hopefully with news of a granddaughter being born. Halfmoon