Mikayla Corey Sleeth

She is so pretty! Mommy and baby are doing wonderful (as is Daddy). We stopped by today to drop off a small token of our love. Mikayla had just eaten and was sleeping so peacefully. Abby was getting ready to take a nap, too, so we didn't stay long.

They already had a house full with supper preparations under way (looked yummy). Justin's brother, Jacob, was helping Justin put in some electrical in the baby's room, while Theresa and Mandy were busy in the kitchen.

Steve and I went to Taylor's soccer game after leaving Abby's. It was really fun to watch. They ended in a tie but everyone was happy not to have lost the game. Little by little I am starting to learn more about soccer which is great. I currently have three grandkids in the sport.

I wish we had land (with a new house on it) so we could look for moving companies to pack, move, and unpack our things. Come on Powerball! Till the next event...Halfmoon