Babysitting Mikayla

Abby asked if I would be able to watch Makayla (last Saturday) while she worked from 11 - 8. Justin would be gone hunting the whole day. I told her I would but with trepidition.

Steve said he would go with me and I hoped he'd be a little help! He ended up working that day so I asked Linda to go with me. She was like Abby's second mom when she was little so she could be a grandma to Mikayla. too!

I could tell Abby was nervous about leaving the baby, too. Maybe she picked up on my misgivings? She finally left and the day went very smooth. Mikayla only fussed when she was hungry, wet, or tired and I soon figured that out.

It was really cool feeding her her mommy's milk in a bottle. She sure sucked that right down. She is a good little baby, quite a difference from when she was a few weeks old.

Once we watched a DVD, we decided to watch the Baby Einstein one that Abby said Mikayla liked to watch. Oh, brother. Talk about nervewracking. I couldn't stand it. Sitting there watching some metal objects revolve???? Drove me nuts. We soon switched to TV.

Eventually Grandpa arrived and we ordered pizza and Justin arrived home early (I think it was just after 7 pm. We ate pizza and then went on our way. They have a nice TV at Abby's. They have some sort of cable channels or satellite. I love our TV at home but we just have the regular channels to choose from and half the time it fails to broadcast. Very frustrating. I think I'll talk to Steve about checking into Toshiba Satellite.