Taylor Sue!

Last night we went to watch Taylor test for her next belt. It is amazing how much she has improved in one year. She is more confident and gives sharper moves, plus her kicks are much higher.

Then came breaking boards. Oh, my! They were going to have her break a board up high with her twirling around and then kicking out. Finally, they had her do a different kick after turning, but not turning completely around. That board broke. Thank goodness. The next one was with the open hand, she broke it right off.

The one that bothered me, because I knew she was going to do it from the start, was breaking a board with her elbow. Oh, my goodness! Don't you have a crazy bone there? With the second hit of her elbow (I think), she broke the board. I've never clapped so hard in my life.

I asked her, "Don't you hit your crazy bone when you do that?" "No," was her reply, "I'm used to it, so it doesn't hurt anymore." Wow, what a champion. She has been practicing 'tons', (her words) for this test. I'm sure she passed it.

Tay, Grandma is so proud of you! When I get a pic of you in your uniform, I'll attach it to this post! Well, tonight is Jordan's music concert, Thursday is Sydney's. Taylor said hers is in February (Thank goodness for small miracles to not have them all this week!). Have a super day! Halfmoon