Christmas Eve and Steve's Bday

Every year we go to Shang Yen to celebrate Steve's birthday (OK, except for last year when that restaurant was closed and we had to find another Chinese restaurant). Our family loves the food there and it is one of the few restaurants open on Christmas Eve.

Our while family was there except Jadah, even Sydney was with us! It was great. I handed out our Xmas gifts to the kids and everyone gave their Dad his birthday gifts. The food was great as usual. I think Steve really enjoyed it.

Then, on to Lutheran Church of Hope for their Candlelight service. It was pretty cool. The lady in front of Heather's family turned around and glared anytime anyone said a word or moved to go to the restroom, etc. Her girls were really good in the service, not like the kid behind me who whined and complained that he wanted to go home throughout the whole thing. I didn't turn around and glare, though. Heather finely couldn't take it, got up with her family and went home.

I wished I would have known about it, I would have switched places with them and glared right back or told the biddy to turn around. (Not Christlike, I know.) Overall, it was a great evening. We took Steve home, then went on home to hit the hay (why does it always feel better to get into bed when you've had a looonnng day?????). Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Eve and that you know the reason for the season!!! Halfmoon