Turkey Day!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. A day full of turkey, dressing, spuds and gravy, and of course, pumpkin and pecan pies. We all ate till we were stuffed, then ate desserts! Our whole family was there except for Jadah, who was at her other Grandma's house.

Pato and Abby

Shelley and Steve II

Steve II
Abby, Justin, and Mikayla, of course, were the first to arrive. At least they didn't have to wait in their car long until Jay came along with the keys to the building. We all had a wonderful time after calming down from the stress of getting everything there and ready to serve.

Justin and Mikayla (he's camera shy)

Mikayla is showing her little personality now. Whenever Abby or Justin talk to her, she coos and smiles. It is so adorable. Carter zoomed around on his little car propelled by his feet on the floor, everyone else beware or be ran over. He's pretty shy still. He had on an adorable little black leather coat, what a hoot!

Mikayla Corey and Grandma

Carter Michael

Alyce and Kat both had adorable dresses on. We celebrated Alyce's 2ND birthday which is actually Dec 2 but easier than getting everyone together again. Taylor, Sydney, and Jordan played some game with a ball in the hallway with Kat sometimes watching or playing with, I'm not sure.

(Maria) Alyce

Heather and Mikayla (Josh in background)

Taylor Sue
Jordan Douglas

Sydney Anne
Katiana Lynn

Steve II is moving into his own apartment in a couple days which will be good for him, I think. Jadah will live just down the hall, so he'll be able to see her easily. He got his car working so I imagine he'll be looking for auto insurance before long.

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day! We sure did! Halfmoon